Munkie Ncapayi



Master Drummer Drum Cafe Facilitator


Put the WOW in to kicking off or closing your conference general session


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KanyeKanye -Interactively entertainment.


Groups of 10 to 5,000.

In Zulu it means all together. You and us. Everyone with their own drum. Feel a new, unstoppable force as our master drummers inject their brand of energy and the group responds, releasing inhibitions, finding powerful new ways to communicate.

A must for general session kick-offs, ice breakers and closing.



Teambuilding has never been so effective! Each individual brings their unique sound into the mix to create a one-of-kind percussive orchestra – one that wouldn’t be the same without the people who are taking part. This is truly a case of unity through diversity.


Drumming up energy is easy. From full interactive programs to short bursts of drumming to liven up a presentation, The Drum Cafe’s vibrant African rhythms will move your team from tired to wired in seconds.


Music talks to people on a deeper level – making your company’s messaging easier to understand and remember. People always leave a Drum Cafe event feeling motivated and ready for action.


Working collaboratively is not only fun, productive and inspirational, but it creates a space that transcends barriers of communication and culture, and it is from that place where the magic happens.


The Drum Café concept is a unique hands-on application of African drums and percussion that not only builds a team, but energizes, motivates and entertains them!  The Drum Café has its own team of drummers and facilitators that travel to each event with hundreds of drums in tow – one for each audience participant - whether there are 10 or 1000+ participants! Through a carefully facilitated and scalable interactive program, success is built in a stepwise fashion until nearly any group is making music within 15 minutes despite their rhythmic sensibilities or, more importantly, their place on the organization chart. The non-verbal communication that is the drumming provides a powerful, unifying message, which transcends language, gender, culture and age barriers.


Not as consultative as the team building program, but similar in the delivery in terms of the interaction and music. Hi energy interactive entertainment to drive, energy, power, surprise, WOW, etc into any corporate function, celebration, kick off, ice breaker.  Groups from 10 to 5000.


We also have an interactive option that does not use drums. Please look at our Symphony of Talent program.






Inspiring and motivating the like of Microsoft




Corporate event set up for 1500 delegates





Drum cafe Entertainment and Dance troup




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