Symphony of Talent - "Boomwhackers"
Inspiring and motivating the like of President Bill Clinton

The Drum Café “Symphony of Talent” module is another optional component to our flagship interactive teambuilding program.


The group is assembled into theatre-style seating (preferably) as in an orchestra.  Each member is given a plastic tuned percussion tube (a “boomwhacker”) representing the 5 musical notes on a pentatonic scale.


Each musical note is discernible to the lay person by size and color of the tube.


The facilitator  invites 5 volunteer leaders to join him on stage to represent each note of our orchestra.


Drum Cafe Team Builds with President George Bush in South AfricaThe Drum Café facilitator instructs and guides each volunteer leader in their own rhythm sequence. 


In turn, each note/rhythm is layered into the burgeoning symphony until all 5 volunteers are leading their corresponding color in a beautifully coordinated, multi-rhythmic harmony. 


This achievement of making music as an ensemble is often used as a celebratory capstone that can be used to communicate “what the customer hears” when we do all our pre-requisite work effectively (other Drum Café core program components). 


The Symphony of Talent activity brings to bear the clear reliance on one another to achieve a unified goal.  Music is a cooperative, collaborative endeavor by design…a ‘house of cards’ if you will.  Nothing manifests the importance of full engagement, listening, communication, and focus on what a group is doing around you than music.  No musical experience is required.  What is required and the objective of the activity is to appreciate the synergy of any team of talent when led in a creative, positive manner and recognize experientially the importance of each and every role to achieving the goal, a harmony that is in-time, in-tune, and melodic, something that’s readily apparent despite the leader’s musical sensibilities.




Working collaboratively is not only fun, productive and inspirational, but it creates a space that transcends barriers of communication and culture, and it is from that place where the magic happens.


    Please contact us to find out your various options. 1 888 874 3786

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