Team Building

Inspiring and motivation through interactive drumming programs


Drumming is the oldest form of Team Building.



Music and Rhythm, like sports and the Olympics, are universal expressions that transcendss all boundires, be they personal, organizational or cultural.

The drum is the most powerfull of the musical instruments. It is an instrument that lives in every culture around the world in one form or another.



Drum Cafe’s success comes from a simple philosophy - if people are able to drum to the same beat, they can listen to each other and work together. 


If your company can make music together, imagine how this could translate into productivity!


Participants with their own drum


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Group Energy is the key to team work!!!!!


This unifying experience creates the perfect platform for teams to experience the power of all working together to achieve a common objective.


Participants experience the synergy in a constructive and collaborative way.


Symphony of Talent - Boomwhackers


The program is designed to


  • Break down barriers.
  • Align to a common goal, mission or vision.
  • Explore diversity in each and everyone's unique contribution.
  • Celebrate diversity, in an all out engagement of selfexpression and leadership. 


Team building has never been so effective! Each individual brings their unique sound into the mix to create a one-of-kind percussive orchestra – one that would’t be the same without the people who are taking part. This is truly a case of unity through diversity.


First we break down barriers, level the playing field, with a 15 minute opening of non-verbal communication.  Music is a universal language, that allows us in a universal way to break down barriers and transcend the difference among us as humans and individuals. In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, drumming has been used for centuries to bring people together. Before any gathering, a Drum Call is heard through out the village. The drum call is the summoning of the tribe, to come to the center of the community, because something is important is about to happen. It could be to celebrate a birth, a marriage, or a meeting of the minds to make a community decision. The group comes together to make music, engage and dance, to get connected, put behind the differences and allow an opening for everyone to feel apart of the community.


Second, we align everyone to a common theme through the bass note, the foundation of the music. In every organization, before true success can be realized, there needs to be alignment or some sort. This alignment could be to the vision, mission or values of an organization. It could be alignment to a common goal or challenge. We use the power of the bass note, the alignment of the music, as the metaphor for demonstrating the power of alignment with in the group.


Third, we explore the diversity, in each and everyone’s unique and individual contribution through the tone note, the communication note.  Organizations these days are made up of a divers array of individuals. Different nationalities, religions, cultures, ages, gender all with in different departments dispersed geographically through out a region or around the world. We use the tone note, the communication note to explore different voices with in the group. Those different voices can translate into different thoughts and feelings, different ways of doing things, different departments, different unique contributions. We learn to embrace the diversity with in the group to understand that it takes a variety of different voices, channeled along a common vision in order for the group to achieve success.


We close off with a fun high energy percussion set, embracing diversity handing out fun percussive instruments, in an all out celebration of self expression and leadership.  This is where we take the drumming skills that we have learned in the beginning to create a unique song. A song that will be specific to that group. It is an all out celebration. A celebration of diversity, contribution and leadership. The group is encouraged to contribute as they feel the need. Their only objective is to really listen. Listen to the music, listen to every one around them. They are required to try and follow that single bass beat, the beat that binds the group together. When they feel that for some reason the rhythm has gotten away on them, and they have lost the foundation, they are encouraged to sit back, relax, listen and slowly bring them selves back into the music, allowing their team mates to carry them.


This is also a great lesson in leadership. Leadership is about knowing when to pay and not to play. When it is time to take a solo or when it s time to support your piers and the music


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Through the universal expression of music and rhythm, your organization will discover that the whole is greater than the sum of all its individual parts. 


Working collaboratively is not only fun, productive and inspirational, but it creates a space that transcends barriers of communication and culture, and it is from that place where the magic happens.






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