Inspiring and motivating the like of President Bill Clinton

Every city has a story and Toronto's is written by the people - in several languages, in poetry, in song, in sidewalk art, in restaurant menus, in architectural blueprints, in scientific discoveries - even in legislation. Toronto is a city built with and for the limitless imaginations of the people who come here to live and those who come here to visit.

Here you'll find a crash course in the creative city - everything you need to get here, and blend in with the locals once you arrive.



Tourism Toronto


Drum Cafe Team Builds with President George Bush in South Africa

The Creative City


You know the feeling you get when you come across an amazing menu and want to order every dish? That’s what it’s like to be here. Literally, Toronto’s cultures offer an unparalleled variety of spice but we take fusion to a level far beyond cuisine. Find beautiful architecture of the city’s settlers alongside modern, sleek, gold-tined skyscrapers. We’re modest but celebrate voraciously with over 1,000 festivals every year. Our Mayor’s “limousine” is a hybrid electric. How’s this for more juxtaposition: our street vendors even dish up soy hot dogs! If you’re the kind who likes the unexpected, you’ll fall in love with Toronto.

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What do Torontonians love about Toronto? That’s a long list but topping it would be our diversity. Two transit tokens can take you from one country to another, passing along the way through the quaint neighbourhoods that make up our intimate metropolis. Toronto is a place of energy exchange. Leave your mark, find yourself changed. Sound too much like your yoga instructor? Pay us a visit and you’ll see things differently too – maybe from the perspective of a hundred cultures.

Click here to start exploring Corso Italia, Greektown on the Danforth, Gerrard India Bazaar and the rest of Toronto’s neighbourhoods.




Safe and SoundToronto Trolly


Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world. We've earned our reputation as a clean, peaceful city thanks in large part to the professionalism and dedication of the city’s emergency service agencies and personnel.

* Toronto’s universal emergency number is 9-1-1. Use it for police, fire and medical emergencies - in any language
* Toronto Police Services has over 5,000 uniformed officers on patrol in the city and can be reached at 416-808-2222
* Toronto boasts the largest municipal Emergency Medical Service in Canada, with 850 paramedics based in 41 stations across the city

Transit safety

* Every subway car is equipped with emergency strips which, when activated, will alert transit authorities to medical or other emergencies
* All subway platforms have designated waiting areas (DWAs) equipped with video surveillance and two-way speaker systems
* Buses offer a "Request-Stop" program between 9:00 p.m and 5:00 a.m. which allows passengers to exit the bus between regular TTC stops




4-season fashion


A gloriously all-weather destination, Toronto has different experiences in store for you no matter the time of year. Situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is one of the southernmost cities in Canada. In fact, the latitude is very close to that of northern California. As a result, Toronto enjoys a moderate climate with warm springs and beautiful summers.



Springtime in Toronto is a sight to behold as the bulbs and buds begin to bloom (pardon the alliteration – we can’t help ourselves!). This seems to energize the population – the first time the temperature rises into the high teens (high 60s), you’ll find us jostling – politely, of course – for a seat on an outdoor patio.
What to pack: A light jacket and umbrella in case of fresh, rainy days



Summers in Toronto are warm and the humidity is great for your skin! Midsummer temperatures range from 61-81 F/16-27 C, with quite a few days in the 90s F/32-35 C. Perfect for a beachside jaunt or cold pint on a patio.
What to pack: Sunscreen and whatever comfortable, casual shorts or sundresses you look best in. Shirts and shoes are mandatory in all dining and retail establishments. (But if you really can’t stand to put that top on, Hanlan’s Island is a clothing optional beach.)



You haven’t lived until you’ve jumped in a pile of freshly fallen leaves. Bring your camera because among the urban scenery, the turning leaves in golds, reds and oranges will make for gorgeous shots. The mild weather and sunshine make this season great for strolling.
What to pack: A light jacket and a sweater or two – whatever matches your favourite jeans.



We don’t know if this is true but we heard that Prince, who lives here part of the year, once said that the cold of a Canadian winter keeps the bad people out. It’s not that cold (mind you, we’re a hardy bunch) but we’re certainly surrounded by good people so his theory might just hold true. There’s something invigorating about chilled air – whether you’re skating, skiing or just walking to the pub.
What to pack: A warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves and lined boots.


The basics by the numbers

Toronto is:

* Home to more than 100 cultures
* Canada's largest city, with a population of 4.7 million people
* North America's 5th largest city, after Mexico City, New York, LA and Chicago
* So accessible - more than 60% of th US population live within a 90-minute flight and 25% of Canda's population live within 160 km (100 miles)




Planning your Meeting

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